Cafe Ink is the premiere tattoo studio in North Georgia. Cafe Ink is the newest and cleanest shop in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains! Come for the views and take a great piece of art home with you. Our artists specialize in taking your ideas for a great tattoo and making them a reality. We pride ourselves on creating amazing pieces of art that accentuate the body and the clients ideas. We at Cafe Ink believe in providing top quality tattoos at reasonable prices. Come get tattooed in our clean, sterile, welcoming, and fun environment. Dont trust your skin to just anyone. There are alot of tattooers these days, but there are only a few that are Tattoo “ARTIST” you would want to trust with something you will be wearing for the rest of your life.

Body Piercing

-All Titanium or Niobium Jewelry used- We offer body piercing using all implant grade titanium jewelry (ASTM F-136) or niobium that we can anodize to customize it creating a unique and personal piercing.

Sterilization (Sterile Technique)

We sterilize 100% of anything to be used in the piercing procedure (Even the nitrile gloves!) right before the piercing is done in a Statim 2000 autoclave. Steam integrators are used in each cycle, which used in conjunction with the weekly spore tests done, insure everything is properly sterilized and safe to use.

Single Use

Everything used in each and every piercing is either worn out by you (jewelry) or is thrown away after the piercing is done. This cuts out the possibility of contamination due to not processing tools or equipment properly.

Freehand/Tool free piercings

Many times you hear people complain about the clamp hurting worse than the actual piercing. If tools are used properly that should never be the case, however many times tools do cause unnecessary damage to the tissue. We have found that by using a variety of tissue bracing techniques and gentle tissue manipulation, we can be assured that each piercing is done as comfortably as possible. We also utilize a system where we work out of our hands and not off of a tray or counter top. This makes sure that we are not cross contaminating with other surfaces.

Remember that we do all of this for your safety as well as our own. We are constantly striving to keep up with advances in the industry as well as educate ourselves. All of this is in line with our commitment to offering only the best.